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Krazy Winter Sales day 5 : it’ll be big or huge…

Artwork : « GunBuster »

Size : 45×30 and 93×70 cm, satin photo finish

Details : one of 5 prints numbered 37 to 42 on 50 or a unique 93×70 numbered 4 on 5


Usual retail price :

45×30 cm : 64€ – Krazy Winter Sale exclusive, 40% off = 40€ worldwide delivery included !

93×70 cm : 360€ – Krazy Winter Sale exclusive, 60% off = 144€ worldwide delivery included !

Other products based on this artwork are available here


Order now using ref’ KWSGB, just contact.


Krazy Winter Sales are limited to one order per unique customer. Secured payment can be done using Paypal or direct bank transfer if you prefer. Products over 42cm are sent rolled in tube for maximum protection. Delivery is included for any world destination, insured. Items are numbered and signed. All orders made before 10th of December 2014 offer maximum guarantee for delivery before christmas. If you have questions or need specific details just use contact form with item references.

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