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Studio Prints available soon…

Hey you international visitors, I don’t forget you !

Even if this graphic intense website is nearly wordless for you, I’ve got to inform you about big projects to come. The most interesting of them may be this book funding I’m trying to setup. The goal is quite simple : better than crowdfunding something not sure to become real, I found more reasonable to setup myself the base funds to push the projects in the real starting blocks before inviting to reserve final volume. And that’s exactly there we begin to talk about Studio Prints.


What are Studio Prints ?

These are unique prints I make before sending an image to its final print process. It means they are one & only exclusives and can reveal some particular aspects. That’s the reason I like to separate Studio Work Prints (SWP) and Studio Art Prints (SAP). SWPs are pre-master test prints ; they offer all the visual quality of the final picture but may be slightly different in colours and sizes. Consider them as test prints made to verify ultimate master to send to professional print companies. SAPs are more intimate prints ; you can imagine them as artist’s tests to verify a picture really deserves to be outputed. That’s all the reasons making them unique and even sometimes finally unpublished in the commercial visual products I sell.


On the technical side…

Both SWPs & SAPs are outputed from professional devices : high end laser printers and calibrated ink jet systems. They’re made on different mediums, including standard, photo and sometimes exotic papers. The print sizes goes from pretty small formats few centimeters above regular photo prints to huges meter long sizes ! All those details are specified with each print made available for sale.

A sensual girl made of smokes

Finally, the sales

Studio Works Prints and Studio Art Prints are offered at fair individual prices. That’s a good opportunity for any image addicted fan to grab a very exclusive artwork sincerely below its market value. That’s for me a good way to feed funds needed for my book projects. Those priced prints include worldwide delivery, no matter where you are located. Payment can be done for international customers via Paypal only. You can put an option on any print you like by simply contacting me via available contact form on this website. This option will be validated only once payment is complete. And prints goes to their new owner in a simple « 1st reserved & paid print / 1st served ». In case 2 customers would simultaneously give payment for the same SWP/SAP, full refund of undeliverable customer would be made immediatly in the following 48 hours. Please be kind to note full paid option is definitive if you are the first putting an option on a print.

Electric Dreamer book project

My personal words…

I admit it’s seriously hard to work in a media creation without a serious network of people helping around. But I’m still sure it’s possible. From little but important isolated fan to regular art connoisseur you can participate in building something very unique in this book project adventure. If you could see backstage, you would just observe someone working with devoted passion this universe of graphic creations for years. And it ain’t change. Someone sincere enough to remember art need to be available to ALL, not only for those who pay highest ranges. And maybe someone fooled enough to give all his benefits to more other visual projects before his real comfort in life. I don’t care about fame. I don’t care about becoming rich. I just want to go farther and if you agree, you can show support. Thank’s for reading ;).

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