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Distant long perspective on town of Grenoble, France, in blue atmosphere by Kyesos

Where’s the International version of the site ?…

Everybody keep calm ! This is NOT a robbery.

Since most of you may know they’re on French image designer website, some details may still need to be explained to make your travel easyer.

After few tests and changes, from whole English translated pages to mixed versions on the same document, and after poor on the fly Google automated translations, I’ve decided to let user makes his own way to informations he’s looking for here.

Masters are available on direct requestSo now the main (root) of will be clearly in French, but don’t panic still you really don’t need to be a genius to find your way through the galleries or other medias through this strange Le Parlé Français.. If you want to read fresh news, just use automated translator of your choice on the selected news or blog pages and remember : my Twitter account posts are in both French & English and drops really fresh informations. Just follow me !

Le Shop will still using both English & French on all its pages, no problems for you.

From time to times, I may drop an English written news in the Blog since I really appreciate this language and wouldn’t like to make foreign fans believe I don’t think of them. The whole world is important to me, the problem is just finding the time to translate with attention my words since emotions are quite precious here.

Thank’s for being there and enjoy the new website !




PS : old version of this site for nostalgia addicts is available there : – old version

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