[last update : Sept.09]
September 2009
This is the only part of the website that is not opened to public and subscribers. The content is particular in the way it's only about project planned for future online parties. Those are listed on a planning and there's a private forum where creators can describe their projects, exchange ideas and hints, mutualize their knowledge and create complete events.

To get access to CPA, you've got to contact us first and submit a project. This must be audio/video/graphic related and bring some original content to join other active projects. This can also be only a part, not a full audiovisual set, since here you will meet all the other crazy creators who have already contributed to some parties. There are DJs, VJs, video directors, musicians, graphic designers, models, photographers and other media performers.

Please note that we are not MySpace and prefer to keep the family small, to be sure to all look in the same direction : creating exclusive online events !

So, interested ? Then contact us and describe your project, ideas, needs... get more attention by sending samples or links to existing material. Your creator membership will be then subimited to the whole PulseFactor creative community to decide if bringing you in our adventure is a good or bad idea. Good luck, and be creative !!!

Creator Members all have there own access to this area and know how to login or contact assistance if needed ;).

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